Wednesday 14 December 2011

Nana's Brag Post

OK Indulge me please. It's quite rare for me to see (all at once) 5 of our 12 grandchildren(1 dec., 1 due in 2 wks, 6 in Canada) so I took lots of photos of their tee-ball matches on Saturday morning at the nearby Recreation Ground. It was a warm sunny day and the children were encouraged to play fairly and have lots of fun which is what childrens' sports should always be about.

Tee-ball is a modified game of softball/baseball where the ball is placed on a springy post so the children can hit it more easily than a pitched ball. They amazed me! I've tried not to show the childrens' faces too clearly for their security but I hope you enjoy the body language!
Cody(11), Batter Up! See the "Tee"? He hit some great shots.

Jacob(10) is next to bat....he scored 3 home runs altogether,

Jessie(8) pounces....great concentration and noticeably no handstands today as seen at training lol

Olivia(7)(middle) sprints between bases...she scored a home run a minute later :)

Caleb(4) waits until he is old enough to the way Jessie draped her arm over her young cousin's shoulders, he soon found a young playmate to climb and jump with,

The teams are all sponsored by local businesses which pay for the uniforms(and get lots of advertising on those t-shirts lol) There are shady tents and benches provided too to keep the children out of the sun as much as possible...silly Nana got a sunburnt neck!

Here's my last pic...a long shot of the beautiful playing conditions and well-maintained playing fields...

Such good fun and healthy, social exercise.

I hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday, I need to plough on with last minute elfing today ;)

Love from Sue

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